Winter Olympics


Many divisions included the Winter Olympics in their lesson plans.  One morning, five divisions met in the library for a live Skype with six olympic athletes, who challenged our students to set goals, to share them, and work hard to achieve them.  Some of their takeaways from the live Skype were: you have to set small goals to get bigger goals; it’s not a good goal unless it scares you; and don’t give up if you’re worried that you’re not good enough.  We all play for @TeamCanada!

Ms. Meynert’s grade 6/7 students together with Mrs. Younger’s grade 3 students had a lot of fun with the Berkshire Park Winter Olympics!  They learned to work together in teams and learned important values personified in the olympics.  Flag bearers were chosen, teams were formed, opening ceremonies were held, and the athletes participated in “olympic events”.  They ended with a formal closing ceremony, where medals were presented.

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