Wizard of Oz

Berkshire has talent!  We are so proud of every student from Kindergarten to Grade 7 who participated in the school wide musical.  The singing and the acting were fantastic! The sets and costumes were amazing!  We are thankful to so many for helping make this production such a huge success starting with PAC’s financial support, the hard work of the staff, and of-course the wonderful direction of our musical director, Nicole Stevens.  Thank you Ms. Meynert and Ms. Younger for bringing this idea to us.  It was a huge undertaking but worth every minute of it!

The Cast: The Ozians, Kansas, the Winkies, the Munchkins, the Jitterbugs, the Trees, the Crows, and the Poppies!

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Badminton Champions x2


We are very proud of both our grade 6 and grade 7 badminton teams who came in first place at their badminton play days!  They showed excellent sportsmanship and demonstrated great skills.  A big thank you to Ms. Callegari and Ms. Russel for coaching the grade 6 team and to Mr. Allinger and Ms. Mazanani for coaching the grade 7 team.  We sure love those blue ribbons!

Mount Seymour Watershed

The grade 5 students in Ms. Peters’ class had a very enjoyable field study at the Mount Seymour Watershed where they learned about the water cycle, how our water is supplied to us, and how a water shed is formed.  The learned the importance of protecting our water and learned that dumping medication, such as antibiotics, down the drain wis very harmful because it stays in the water for a long time.  Avoid sunscreen and household chemicals down the drain.  While hiking through the forest, some of them took off their shoes and enjoyed the sensation of moss on their feet.  Some ate leaves that tasted like pine and enjoyed the sight of black tailed deer.  They saw fungus growing on the trees.  They saw a banana slug and some dared to touch it.  The students were also able to see evidence that water had been on the trail they were hiking through.  All in all, a most enjoyable educational experience.


Vancouver Sun Run


On Sunday, April 14th, a large group of intermediate students met up in Vancouver for the annual Vancouver Sun Run.  They did a lot of training leading up to the 10-kilometre running event and had great weather on the day of the run.  It is one of the largest road races in North America.  We appreciate Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Sabel, and Ms. Hutchinson working with this group of students, encouraging personal fitness and completing a challenging goal.

Surrey Museum in Cloverdale

The grade 3 and 4 students in Mrs. Younger’s class enjoyed their field study to the Surrey Museum in Cloverdale.  As part of their social studies curriculum, they visited the museum to see how Surrey has changed over time.  They liked being able to enter and experience Eric Anderson’s cabin; Eric being one of the original residences of Surrey.  “There were many artifacts and old items that used to belong to the Katzie and Semiahmoo peoples,” wrote one of the students from division 9.  The students went to the textile studio and did a weaving workshop using old fashioned wooden looms.  We appreciate the parents who were able to make this trip possible by taking some time out to transport the students to the museum where they could experience some hands-on learning

Choose Kindness

The kindergarten and grade 1 students in division 16 spent quite a bit of time with Mrs. Rakhra creating this art project on kindness.  I went in and asked the children what did they learn from this project, and here are some of their responses:

  • “If you be kind to others, others will be kind back.”
  • “If you listen to others, others will listen to you.”
  • “It helps you make new friends.”
  • “Kindness is about sharing and helping people.”
  • “Be nice to our community by picking up litter.”
  • “If you see someone playing by themselves, you can play with them.”