Jonas Schwarz is a Marine Biology PhD student in Bielefeld, Germany. He has studied animals all over the world but is currently focussed on sea lions on the Galápagos Islands. Divisions 7 and 8 spent three library classes learning basic facts about sea lions to prepare for their Skype visit with him on May 11. This was a great experience for the students. They  learned a lot of new things and had great questions. After the presentation, one student commented, “Now I want to be a marine  biologist when I grow up!”


Ted Harrison Art

Ms. Callegari’s and Ms. Russell’s  grade 3 and 4 students in division 7 and 8 have been studying the artwork of Canadian artist, Ted Harrison, who established an international reputation with his brilliant paintings.  Many of his paintings are evocative of northern life and native art.  “One curator said he didn’t want my work in his gallery because it was so simple even children understood it.  I thought, what a wonderful tribute!” (Ted Harrison).  The students had fun creating their own landscapes using oil pastels.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Mrs. Mazinani’s grade 4 and 5 students studied about the Dutch post-impressionist painter and reflected on his art. They wrote biographies on him and used his technique of applying thick paint to help create the texture for their own versions of the sunflowers.  The students also had their peers reflect on their art work.




The Kindergarten and grade 1 students worked with their teachers, Ms. Rakhra and Ms. Nijjar, to learn what a community is.  They created a beautiful two-dimensional map of their community that included a library, a dentist, a mall, a hospital, a grocery store, a restaurant, a fire station, a police station, an ice rink, a swimming pool, a park, and many different homes.  “We would like to acknowledge the shared unceded traditional territory of the Katzie, Semiahmoo and Kwantlen and the other coast Salish peoples on which we work, play, and learn.”

Macramé Leaves

The grade 2 and 3 students in Ms. Le’s blended learning class also learned that a macramé is a form of textile that is produced by making knots.  They had fun making their own macramé leaves.  They also learned that you can use plants to colour materials such as cotton and wool.  The purple yarn they used was colour with blueberries and the pink yarn with cranberries.  The green yarn came from the store.  They also ead Danielle Daniel’s book, “Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox” and did a little assignment on which animal they connected with most of all.