The Kindergarten students in Ms. Cuthbert’s class followed the drawing steps from Mo Willems, then practised on whiteboards before drawing on the paper.  Then they outlined their drawings with black marker, carefully painted with small paint brushes, and then came up with our own ideas of what the pigeon might like to do. 
Mo Willems is one of their favourite authors. And, of course, they signed their names like real artists do, on the bottom of their paintings!

Symmetrical Art

The grade 4 and 5 students in Ms. Mazinani’s class created some symmetrical images by first of all using water soluble Cryola markers to outline buildings or objects on paper and coloured them. Then they sprayed the bottom half of the paper with water and folded the top part down on to the wet paper. After gently pressing it, they were able to create these lovely images. They also worked colouring butterflies and mounting them on coloured backgrounds.

Importance of Land Acknowledgment

IMG_6476Students in Ms. Le’s Grade 2/3 Blended Learning class have been learning about Indigenous groups across Canada. Part of their learning included studying the Pacific Coast First Nations and understanding the importance behind the land acknowledgment. Land acknowledgments are an authentic way to recognize and give thanks to the traditional First Nations who have protected these lands for generations. It is also a way to show respect for the land in which we live, work, and play.

Complimentary Ice Creams


The grade 1 and 2 students in division 11 is learning some colour theory in art with Ms. Kurk. They learned how to make different tints (a tint is one colour with different amounts of white mixed in) as you can see in their different ice cream scoops. They also placed their ice cream cones on their complementary colour background for contrast. This really makes them stand out. Can you figure out what the complementary colours of yellow, blue, and red are?

Pink Shirt Day

We were happy to see many of the students and staff wearing pink shirts on February 24th in support against all forms of bullying. classes created interesting art assignments as well.  Three of these photos show the work of the students in Ms. Mazinani’s, Ms. Le’s, Ms. Gallello’s and Ms. Wilk’s classes.  We loved reading some of the slogans on the t-shirts as well.