Week of ADST Leading Up to Halloween


Ms. Younger’s grade 2/3 students have spent each day of the week leading up to Halloween with their buddy class (Ms. Meynert’s grade 6’s) on ADST projects.  For instance, the students had to create wings for their bats and see who could make their bat fly the furthest, learning about aerodynamics and the unique shape of bats’ wings.  On Halloween, the students were told that the ghosts have taken over the graveyard and they needed to make a lift for them using the supplies provided.  They needed to come up with a plan and work cooperatively to design their experiments. The grade 6’s also enjoyed creating candy launchers, trying to project their candy as far as possible.  The teachers commented that it was wonderful to see every child totally engaged with their learning.  Hands on learning really is the best way to learn!

Kindergarten Learning


At the start of each school year, both Ms. Eaket and Ms. Cuthbert read the book, “It’s Okay to Be Different” by Todd Parr to their Kindergarten students.  The children then create these marvellous paint portraits learning that they are a community of learners who are different and special in their own unique way.  The artwork above are by Ms. Cuthbert’s Kindergarten students.  The children also created some scary green monsters and some beautiful pumpkins using orange paint and construction paper.  They used scissors to cut out the round shapes to practice their fine motor skills.  (Click the individual photo for enlargement.)


Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch

The grade one and two students from Ms. Johnson’s, Ms. Han’s, Ms. Labuda’s, and Ms. Nijjar’s class left their classrooms one beautiful fall day and headed towards the Hazelmere Pumpkin Patch.  During their visit to the farm, the students enjoyed a fun educational presentation and learned that the stem of the pumpkin was called a perduncel.  They also learned that there were different coloured pumpkins because they were different types of pumpkins.  The students loved the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch where they could pick their own pumpkin.  Many also enjoyed the petting zoo before heading back to the city.

Go Away Big Green Monster

The Kindergarten and grade one students in Ms. Nijjar’s class were read Ed Amberley’s book, “Go Away Big Green Monster”.  After retelling the story, the students created their own monsters using construction paper, sharpies, and “googly eyes”.  Creating art is a great way for the students to express their creativity and practice their fine motor skills.


We were thrilled to be able to have a second year of gymnastics lessons by Delta Gymnastics, sponsored by our PAC.  The students from Kindergarten to grade seven developed their balancing skills, core strength, and balance.  The children enjoy being able to pull out the equipment and use them with confidence.  These photos are a few students from Ms. Kular’s grade six class.

Only One You


Ms. Han’s grade 1 and 2 students created some fish shaped art inspired by the book, “Only One You” by Linda Kranz.  By choosing the different colours for their art project, they saw that each one of them is unique.  “Blend in when you need to.  Stand out when you have the chance.” We are all unique and special in our own ways, and there is “only one you”.