Airplane Museum & Planetarium

After completing their unit of study on flight, the MACC class went to the Airplane Museum in Langley.  They learned how airplanes fly and about Newton’s third law of motion (every action has an equal and opposite reaction).  “We learned that the wings of a plane have to be airfoil shaped to allow lower pressure air to move above it and higher pressure air below it, creating lift,” said Muskan.  The also learned that the jet engines of a plane sucks in cold air and mixes it with fuel, ignites it to create hot air, and expels it propelling the plane forward.

In addition, they went to the Planetarium in Vancouver to introduce the space unit they are currently studying.  They learned about extremophiles which are different organisms that live in extreme environments.  “The most interesting one being the microscopic tardigrades that are able to live in all kinds of environments, including the bottom of the ocean or in volcanic vents,” said Patrick.  They also learned about the Kepler Space Telescope that finds planets by measuring the amount of light a star gives off at different times.



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