Mount Seymour Watershed

The grade 5 students in Ms. Peters’ class had a very enjoyable field study at the Mount Seymour Watershed where they learned about the water cycle, how our water is supplied to us, and how a water shed is formed.  The learned the importance of protecting our water and learned that dumping medication, such as antibiotics, down the drain wis very harmful because it stays in the water for a long time.  Avoid sunscreen and household chemicals down the drain.  While hiking through the forest, some of them took off their shoes and enjoyed the sensation of moss on their feet.  Some ate leaves that tasted like pine and enjoyed the sight of black tailed deer.  They saw fungus growing on the trees.  They saw a banana slug and some dared to touch it.  The students were also able to see evidence that water had been on the trail they were hiking through.  All in all, a most enjoyable educational experience.


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