Christmas Concert

The Christmas concert was a wonderful opportunity to show case our students’ talents.  We enjoyed hearing students playing the recorders and the orff instruments as well as hearing violin and piano solos.  It was also great to see a group of grade 4 students in division 8 play the violins under the direction of Mr. Brion, our music teacher.

Remembrance Day

At our Remembrance Day assembly this year, we wanted to remember the sacrifice of our nation’s veterans for us to enjoy the freedoms of this great country we call Canada.  Each division created a lovely wreath of poppies.  The one from Mrs. Mazinani’s class was stunning: poppies made of red tissue paper with a lamp glowing from its center.  We also enjoyed hearing “Peace Must Be Our Goal” by the students in divisions 9 to 12 under the direction of Mr. Brion.  Some students were playing recorders, others ukuleles, and some even on violins.  Mr. Allinger’s MACC class also played very nicely, “Highway of Heroes” on their guitars.