Pastel Art

The grade three and four students in both Mrs. Mazinani’s and Mrs. Younger’s class enjoyed working with pastels to create some wonderful art.  Division 8 created these beautiful masks using chalk pastels on cardboard.  Division 9 used oil pastels to create these lovely Charlie Brown type portraits without the eyes showing.



Working with Pastels

The grade 4 students in Mrs. Mazinani’s class have been enjoying working with chalk pastels.  The explored the work of Sandra Silberzweig, a contemporary Canadian artist.  Silberzweig’s artistic style reflects her lifelong struggle with Synesthesia, a condition which can be debilitating at times due to its involuntary sensory overload.  However, this neurological disorder formed the basis of her creativity allowing us to see works of art composed of intense, vibrant colours.  The children worked with liquid glue and chalk pastels to create some lovely and interesting portraits.  They also worked with chalk pastels and ink to create “Owl in the Moon”.