Right to Play

Right to Play is a global organization that empowers 1.9 million children every day.  Every day, millions of children face poverty, war, disease, and poor education.  Through sports and games, the organization help children build essential life skills and better futures.

On February 27th, high school students from North Surrey Secondary came and set up 10 play stations in our gym for the grade two and three students in divisions 10, 11, and 12.  They games promoted a lot of team building through cooperative games without an emphasis on winning or losing.


Drumming with Milton Randall

During the month of February, the students at Berkshire Park were divided into 4 groups according to their age and had two drumming lessons with Milton Randall.  We enjoyed their mini concert including a conga line with parents and students.  The students had a great time learning rhythm and beat, once again supported by PAC funds.  Below is a couple of short video clips of two different age groups drumming.


Christmas Concert

The Christmas concert was a wonderful opportunity to show case our students’ talents.  We enjoyed hearing students playing the recorders and the orff instruments as well as hearing violin and piano solos.  It was also great to see a group of grade 4 students in division 8 play the violins under the direction of Mr. Brion, our music teacher.


Both the boys’ and girls’ volleyball teams represented Berkshire Park well at their respective play days.  Over the season, they developed their skills and played well as a team.  The girls’ team won every game during their play day until the final game and came in second overall.  The boys’ team also played well.  We are thankful for the time their coaches (Mr. Ferguson, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Yang, and Ms. Hutchinson) invested into our students.