Fall Art

As we progressed through the month of October, the students participated in a variety of art projects.  Mr. Ferguson’s grade 5 students used water paints to create fall trees while the grade 4 and 5 students in Ms. Peters’ class used oil pastels and did a finger rub to create a different effect with their lone wolf art.  The grade 3 and 4 students in Ms. Callegari’s and Ms. Russell’s classes used water colours to create a fun haunted house scene.  (Click a photo to enlarge for a better view.)


The 2/3 students in Ms. Heinrich’s class looked at portraits by Picasso and then created their own Frankenstein portraits inspired by the Spanish painter.


Mrs. Mazinani’s grade 4’s enjoyed creating witch portraits using chalk pastels using Picasso’s cubism style.  They used side view and front view profiles to create their portraits.  Note how they used two different colours for the faces and broken lines to create to make their pictures more scary looking.  


Fall 2019


Fall is a wonderful season with the changing leaves and the crisp, sunny days!  The grade 2 and 3 students in Ms. Younger’s class created beautiful fall leaves using warm coloured tissue paper while the grade 5 to 7 students in Mr. Allinger’s class also created some other beautiful leaves using oil pastels.


At the end of September, we celebrated learning that “every child matters” on Orange Shirt Day. There were individual age appropriate presentations on the history of residential schools in the different classrooms.  The main focus was on how every child should feel at school: safe, secure, and supported despite any cultural differences.


Terry Fox Run

We were proud to be able to participate in the annual Terry Fox Run, where every child participated and many help raise just over $1,000 for cancer research.  A big thank you to Mr. Ferguson and our LST teachers for helping organize the event.  The students earned an extended recess and had the joy of taping Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Lam to the gym wall.


What a great way to end the school year with hip hop performances.  The theme for this year’s routines was colours!  The students learned some new moves and danced to a stylized rhythmic music that originated in the United States.  It’s a great way to relax and have fun.  Some of the staff surprised the kids with a routine of their own as well.



Wax Museum

Each of Ms. Younger’s grade three and four students in division 9 researched about a famous current or historical figure and wrote a biography on him or her.  They had the joy of demonstrating their learning by dressing up in character and hosted a “wax museum” in our learning commons library.  They stood like wax figures until someone would approach them with a greeting or a question, at which point, they gave a short oral presentation on their character’s major accomplishments.  What a fantastic way to display their learning!

Wizard of Oz

Berkshire has talent!  We are so proud of every student from Kindergarten to Grade 7 who participated in the school wide musical.  The singing and the acting were fantastic! The sets and costumes were amazing!  We are thankful to so many for helping make this production such a huge success starting with PAC’s financial support, the hard work of the staff, and of-course the wonderful direction of our musical director, Nicole Stevens.  Thank you Ms. Meynert and Ms. Younger for bringing this idea to us.  It was a huge undertaking but worth every minute of it!

The Cast: The Ozians, Kansas, the Winkies, the Munchkins, the Jitterbugs, the Trees, the Crows, and the Poppies!

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