Surrey Museum in Cloverdale

The grade 3 and 4 students in Mrs. Younger’s class enjoyed their field study to the Surrey Museum in Cloverdale.  As part of their social studies curriculum, they visited the museum to see how Surrey has changed over time.  They liked being able to enter and experience Eric Anderson’s cabin; Eric being one of the original residences of Surrey.  “There were many artifacts and old items that used to belong to the Katzie and Semiahmoo peoples,” wrote one of the students from division 9.  The students went to the textile studio and did a weaving workshop using old fashioned wooden looms.  We appreciate the parents who were able to make this trip possible by taking some time out to transport the students to the museum where they could experience some hands-on learning

Choose Kindness

The kindergarten and grade 1 students in division 16 spent quite a bit of time with Mrs. Rakhra creating this art project on kindness.  I went in and asked the children what did they learn from this project, and here are some of their responses:

  • “If you be kind to others, others will be kind back.”
  • “If you listen to others, others will listen to you.”
  • “It helps you make new friends.”
  • “Kindness is about sharing and helping people.”
  • “Be nice to our community by picking up litter.”
  • “If you see someone playing by themselves, you can play with them.”

Pastel Art

The grade three and four students in both Mrs. Mazinani’s and Mrs. Younger’s class enjoyed working with pastels to create some wonderful art.  Division 8 created these beautiful masks using chalk pastels on cardboard.  Division 9 used oil pastels to create these lovely Charlie Brown type portraits without the eyes showing.



Salmon in the Classroom

The grade five students in division five are excited to have the privilege of learning and seeing the development of salmon in their classroom.  This program is supported and funded by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in partnership with Surrey School district.  65 tiny orange Coho salmon eggs arrived in their classroom on January 16thand are developing in a special classroom incubator.  The students are learning about salmon, their life cycle, their habitat, and how salmon are very sensitive to changes in their environment.  “…learning about one’s natural environment while experiencing it can be a life-changing event that forever alters one’s perspective and understanding,” said David Guggenheim (Vice President of The Ocean Conservancy).  Mrs. Peters said the students are looking forward to a hands-on experience while releasing the fries at Tynehead Hatchery after Spring Break.

La Maison

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The intermediate students had fun creating their houses for French classes with Madame  Hutchinson.  They designed a blueprint for an imaginary house and used the vocabulary they learned to label the different parts.  They had a choice to work on a team or as an individual to build a 3-D version of their plan.  Madame Hutchinson was impressed with the diversity and wonderful creative models that were presented.  For instance, one of the houses was constructed with real wood including the framing for the walls, doors with hinges, and even a staircase.  Another house was made out of cardboard and paper; one made out of duck tape, one made from marshmallows, and a couple made out of lego pieces.  Quite a few houses even had electric circuits to provide lighting for their homes.  In some situations, the students chose to design Minecraft homes on an electronic device such as an iPad or laptop computer.  Many of the students were proud of their work and engaged with the activity.  Madame Hutchinson made their learning relevant and fun for them, and she was able to also tie in the applied design, skills, and technology component of the curriculum into what they were doing.  “It was messy and a  lot of work, but well worth it,” said Madame Hutchinson.



The Berkshire Broncs had a great basketball season, with our girls winning the championship game at their play day.  It was a nail biting final game for the girls where they were winning 12-4 against the Bishop Bears at the half time point.  The score was 19-18 for the other team, but Harneet was able to win the game for us at the last few seconds on the rebound with the final score being 20-19 for us!

There were two teams among the boys, and the play day boys lost an opportunity to play in the final game by one point.  The girls were coached by Ms. Villeneuve and the boys by myself.  We were proud of all three teams for their participation, showing great sportsmanship and for playing well as a team.