Intramural Soccer

The grade 6 and 7 students in division 1 and 2 have been developing their soccer skills with their teachers, Ms. Gaines and Ms. Chen. Due to covid restrictions, there are no games allowed between schools. So, we did an intramural competition between the two divisions. Division 1 was winning after the first half with two goals scored by Helan and Zahed. In the second half of the game, Ethan and Arman from division 2 tie up the game with a goal each. Near the end, Ethan scores a second time putting his team in the lead. At one point, it looked like division 1 was going to tie the game with a penalty shot; however, due to the amazing goalie skills of Parmeet, division 2 was able to maintain their 1 goal lead and win the game. It was an exciting, nail biting close game. Zahed was voted MVP as was Parneet by their team members.

The Pumpkin Patch

The grade 2 and 3 students in Ms. Huddlestan’s class created some beautiful art of pumpkins using chalk pastels. The started with a pencil to do a guided drawing of a pumpkin and used two different greens for the stem and vines. They used a combination of orange and yellow for the pumpkins, using their fingers to blend the colours together.

They also created a pumpkin patch out of construction paper since they were not able to physically go to an actual pumpkin patch this year.


Pumpkins in the Moonlight & Haunted Houses

The grade 2 an 3 students in division 10 created their artwork using chalk pastel with Mrs. Welch.  They learned how to create a foreground and background to show objects that are close up and ones that are far away.  The students coloured their pumpkins using different shades of orange and yellow to show how the moon would shine down upon them at night.  They turned out beautifully!   


The students in division 10 also spent an afternoon creating spooky houses.  They had a ton of fun! The students drew the details with oil pastels and then painted the background with watercolours.   After their houses were complete, the students wrote about what would happen if they visited that haunted house while trick or treating! 

The Scarecrow

Mrs. Mazinani did a Kids Book Read Aloud on “The Scarecrow” by Beth Ferry to her grade 4 and 5 students in division 5, a lovely story all about the importance of friendships. The students researched the origin of the scarecrow and how it came to be. In the end, they used chalk pastels and added a second dimension to the portraits using straw and a little artificial flower.

Spooky Vegetable Patch

Our librarian, Mrs. Lintott, has been reading “Creepy Carrots” by Aaron Reynolds to the primary students noting the use of alliteration. “Jasper Rabbit loves carrots. And he can take the fattest, crispiest carrots from Crackenhopper Field anytime he wants. That is, until they start following him home…” After listening to the story, the children had fun creating either a terrifying tomato, a creepy carrot, a scary squash, or petrified potato.

Go Away Big Green Monster

Ms. Eaket and Ms. Cuthbert read the book, “Go Away Big Green Monsters” by Ed Emberley to their Kindergarten students. It was followed by an art activity where the children got to use green paint and construction paper to create their interpretation of a big, green monster! They have been using their scissors for several tasks such as this one to develop their fine motor skills.

Goal Setting and Art


Ms. Nijjar’s and Ms. Rakhra’s grade 1 and 2 students started the school year with making individual goals, and they created a lovely display on a bulletin board in their classroom. They learned about patterns and used a leaf template to show their learning. They also had fun creating some amazing collages of owls made from strips of newspaper and construction paper. As they worked through fall, they talked about many things associated with the season and created drawings of pumpkins using oil pastels.