Lulu and the Brontosaurus


“Lulu and the Brontosaurus” by Judith Viorst is a lovely read aloud book, which Ms. Johnson did with her grade one and two students. Lulu, the main character, is a selfish, greedy young girl who insists on having a brontosaurus for her birthday. When here parents refuse, she has a four day temper tantrum and heads off on an adventure to find one for herself. When she finally finds a beautiful, long-necked, graceful brontosaurus, the dinosaur agrees with that having a pet would be a great idea. Lulu thinks she has finally gotten her birthday wish until she realizes that Mr. Brontosaurus thinks that she would make an ideal pet for him.

The students saw how Lulu’s character and attitude changes from the start of the story. At the end of the read aloud, they got to use their water paints to paint a picture of the dinosaur.

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