Lest We Forget

Due to covid restrictions, we were not able to have a school wide assembly in the gym this year; so the teachers spoke to their individual classes on the importance of Remembrance Day. After lunch, we headed outside for our “Moment of Silence”, reflecting on those who sacrificed their lives to secure the freedom we enjoy. Below, is a video clip Mr. Brion put together of our outdoor event. It also includes some previously recorded performances of some of our students. For instance, the grade 7 students in division 1 and 2 did a poem in French and English while the grade 4 and 5 students in division 4 and 5 played the violins and ukuleles.

As we walk through the hallways, we see fall art replaced with art honouring Remembrance Day including an acrostic on peace by Ms. Johnson’s grade 1/2 class, poppy art by students in division 5, 9, and 17. The grade 6 students in division 2 wrote out individual wishes for peace. Das wrote, “I wish for everyone to be kind and be thankful for all the good things that we have.” Naiad wrote, “I wish everyone and everything in the world gets treated with respect and kindness.” Bhullar wrote, “The world will be at peace when other people can accept who others are.” Some great words of wisdoms among our young.


Each class created a beautiful wreath for our outdoor event. Each one uniquely designed. Division 2 grade 7’s read Eleanor Coerr’s novel, “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” and created their own origami paper cranes. The grade 4/5 students in division 5 created a stunning wreath with the three doves symbolizing peace, the rolled up scrolls symbolizing the letters written home from soldiers, and the poppies symbolizing those who gave their lives in battle.

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