Forces & Motion at Science World

The grade 1 and 2 students in Ms. Johnson’s, Ms. Labuda’s, Ms. Han’s, and Ms. Rakhra’s/Ms. Nijar’s class boarded two school buses and headed to Science World in Vancouver.  They learned about force and motion and explored different questions. What happens when a bat hits a baseball? Why does a rolling ball eventually stop? How do we walk, jump or run? One word… physics!

The students then worked in small groups.  They made a ramp using a few objects and tested to see if a circular block would roll down the ramp. Later, they made predictions and then tested to see how slow or quick the block would roll if they put different materials onto the ramp (i.e. carpet and plastic liner).  The students enjoyed exploring all of the hands on activities at Science World. A fun day had by all!


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