Math & Physics

The MACC students in Mr. Allinger’s class have been working on simple machines and lessons on forces in the first term.  Waley, currently attending the University of Pennsylvania and one of Mr. Allinger’s former students, came in each day this week and extended their knowledge base by teaching the students about acceleration.  They worked on a series of lessons involving physics and higher level math.

The class had to estimate how long it would take for a ball to roll down an 8 meter ramp they built.  They had to figure out the gravitational force and use trigonometry to solve the task.  After going through the math, they came up with 3.6  seconds but added 30% because of friction for a total estimate of 4.7 seconds.  When they tested their hypothesis, the result was 4.1 seconds; therefore, there was less friction than they had anticipated (only about 15% instead of 30%).  The students had fun learning and pushing the limits with their mathematical thinking.

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