Shattering the Image


One morning in November, all the grade 5 to 7 students sat under an RCMP presentation called “Shattering the Image”, an anti-gang preventative program.  There’s a concern that many gangs are recruiting younger people, and these gangs are often involved in violence in our community. Many of these gangs exist because people are buying illegal drugs from them.  Gang members are predominantly male and are multi-ethnic.  They are using technology to recruit children 16 years old or younger.  They are often attacted by the money and lifestyle, but soon find themselves trapped and threatened, and often ends in tragedy, very often death.  It was stressed among the students on the importance of what they post about themselves online because it is open for the recruiters.  It is also important to not let our negative or sad past impact our present or future.  We encourage all our young people to make strong and good connections with the right people in their lives.

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