WE Day

This year, Ms. Villeneuve, Ms. Brown, and Ms. Meynert are working together with our grade 6 and 7 leadership team.  22 grade 6 and 7 student leaders applied to attend WE Day, and we were fortunate to be able to get extra tickets to accommodate them all.  I asked Ms. Meynert what was the big take away message for the students who attended, and here is here response.  “What would your super power be?  We are mindful; we are innovators; we are one planet!  We are community.  We are global.  We are leaders.”  The students also learned it is better to do a little than to do nothing!  When they returned to the school, they have come up with projects that will help people in our local community as well as people globally.  Stay tuned for more posts on the upcoming efforts throughout the school year.


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