Week of ADST Leading Up to Halloween


Ms. Younger’s grade 2/3 students have spent each day of the week leading up to Halloween with their buddy class (Ms. Meynert’s grade 6’s) on ADST projects.  For instance, the students had to create wings for their bats and see who could make their bat fly the furthest, learning about aerodynamics and the unique shape of bats’ wings.  On Halloween, the students were told that the ghosts have taken over the graveyard and they needed to make a lift for them using the supplies provided.  They needed to come up with a plan and work cooperatively to design their experiments. The grade 6’s also enjoyed creating candy launchers, trying to project their candy as far as possible.  The teachers commented that it was wonderful to see every child totally engaged with their learning.  Hands on learning really is the best way to learn!

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