La Maison

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The intermediate students had fun creating their houses for French classes with Madame  Hutchinson.  They designed a blueprint for an imaginary house and used the vocabulary they learned to label the different parts.  They had a choice to work on a team or as an individual to build a 3-D version of their plan.  Madame Hutchinson was impressed with the diversity and wonderful creative models that were presented.  For instance, one of the houses was constructed with real wood including the framing for the walls, doors with hinges, and even a staircase.  Another house was made out of cardboard and paper; one made out of duck tape, one made from marshmallows, and a couple made out of lego pieces.  Quite a few houses even had electric circuits to provide lighting for their homes.  In some situations, the students chose to design Minecraft homes on an electronic device such as an iPad or laptop computer.  Many of the students were proud of their work and engaged with the activity.  Madame Hutchinson made their learning relevant and fun for them, and she was able to also tie in the applied design, skills, and technology component of the curriculum into what they were doing.  “It was messy and a  lot of work, but well worth it,” said Madame Hutchinson.



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