Surrey Nature Centre

The grade 2 and 3 students from Ms. Callegari’s and Ms. Russels class enjoyed their field study at the Surrey Nature Centre, despite the rain.  They learned the differences between owls and eagles, and how the owl’s feathers are completely silent helping them catch their prey easily.  “Bats eats 1,000 mosquitoes in one night,” said one child.  “We don’t have to be afraid of bats because they help keep the bug population down,” said another.

The students learned that racoons aren’t harmful, but we need to be more careful not to leave our garbage out to attract them.  They looked through binoculars to experience the eye sight of an owl.  “Owls can’t move their eyes, so they move their heads in order to see, and they can move their heads 3x more than humans!”  The students found an owl pellet in the forest, brought it back to the classroom, and plan to dissect it to see what the owl had eaten.  They learned that some animals, like the owl regurgitates: spit out what they don’t want to eat.

It is so important for our children to get out into nature and explore, no matter what the weather condition.  They were encouraged to pick up things and feel, to touch and enjoy.  Experience the forest during the different seasons.  Learning through play!  Ms. Callegari said, “Not one of them complained about the rain.”

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