Intermediate Coding

At the beginning of the school year, Canada Learning Code (a non-profit organization sponsored by the Canadian government) came into our school for two days and gave all our intermediate students (grades 4 to 7) a free hour lesson on coding.  Coding is basically a computer language used to develop apps, websites, and software.  Our students worked specifically on Scratch, programming their own interactive stories or games.

Berkshire Park has been exploring coding because its part of our new BC curriculum and that programming itself helps students develop understanding of deeper and complex ideas.  Students have been learning computational thinking and how programming involves a lot of logical sequence of events. Students also have been developing new vocabulary such as looping, debugging, execute, strings, and boolean blocks.

We asked the students what do you think you would like to share with the online community? They said, “coding is sometimes difficult. You may not get the program don’t correctly and you may have many issues. Don’t give up and keep trying. It’s the only way we learn.” Click on the following link to one of our students games!! >>>>> Scratch Game

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.51.55 PM

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