The students in Mr. Groberman’s grade 2/3 class have been working with their teacher and their librarian, Mrs. Lintott, on a collaborative ADST (applied design skills and technology) project.  They have been learning coding skills to manipulate our new ozobot robots that are equipped with colour sensors to move along lines drawn by the students.  The students use various colour combinations to code the robots and control their movements.

Once the class mastered the basic colour coding skills, the students were challenged to build a cart out of lego for the ozobot to push or pull without losing contact, even as it turned corners or performed “tornado” zigzag movements.  They were encouraged to test their carts and then rebuild to improve their carts’ performance.  It was wonderful to see the variety of designs that were tested.

This project gave students an opportunity to use technology, to practice designing an object for a specific purpose, and to use problem solving skills in order to meet challenges.

Some students’ reflections after the activity:

“I made a cart that worked, but it stopped close to the finish. The ozobot got off the lego at the zigzag.  I think it was because the zigzag is too fast.  Maybe the ozobot needs to pull it like a wagon.”

“I made a cart that could push and pull. It worked, but sometimes it didn’t.  But if it did not work, I would keep trying.”

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