Badminton Champions & Vancouver Sun Run

Some of our Berkshire Bronks trained two days a week after school starting with 7km around the block and working up to 8km, and eventually participated in the 10km Vancouver Sun Run.  Even though grade 6 Jordan M. broke his arm just a few days before the race, he still finished with the fastest time on the team with 44:56.  Ali H, also in grade 6, did very well as well with 49:03.  Each student that participated in the Vancouver Sun Run finished the run, a wonderful accomplishment, and we are very proud of them.  We appreciate all the time Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Yang, Ms. Webb, and others put into training the students and running with them in the Vancouver Sun Run!

We are also very proud of both our grade 6 and grade 7 badminton teams.  They developed their skills, demonstrated wonderful sportsmanship, and won first place at the district Play Day.  Congratulations, well done!  A big thank you to Mr. Allinger, Ms. Mazinani, Ms. Russel, and Ms. Callegari for volunteering their time to coach our students.


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