Vancouver Zoo

To delve into their curiosities about lifecycles, the students in Ms. Yang’s and Ms. Mahal’s classes enjoyed a fabulous, hands on field trip to the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

The primary students noticed that the animals seemed to enjoy the wet weather and were so happy that they were all out! They learned that beetles begin their lives as mealworms and go through an amazing process called metamorphosis. They also learned that a tortoise is considered an adult if it is 40 centimetres long.  Their trip to the zoo sparked many questions, such as: “Why do animals go through changes? Why do animals have to leave their home at a young age? How do animals inside eggs survive? They plan to explore these questions and more over the next few weeks.

The intermediate students learned about animal body systems and had the oppertunity to observe animals in their habitats. Highlights of the field trip included observing the black bears and grizzly bear; as well as watching the lions and tigers at feeding time. Evangeline said, “My favourite part of the field trip was the feline feeding.” Esther said, “My favourite part was the reptile exhibit, because I like snakes.”


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