Spelling Bee

Is being able to spell important today in our technology age with autocorrect and spell check?  Yes, it is!  Words are the building blocks of thought.  English spelling is not phonetic and not always easy.  When we encourage our students to spell correctly and praise their accomplishments, we are celebrating the fullness of thought that can only come from human beings.  We are proud of every gym contestant that stepped forward to compete in our Spelling Bee.  It takes courage to spell under pressure and in front of a large audience.  We were also impressed with how the students conducted themselves as a respectful audience during the competition.

This was the first year we had a Spelling Bee among our primary students.  Congratulations to Arav G. who was the champion speller.  Sophia N. was first runner up followed by Aaden V. as second runner up.  Well done! The competition among the intermediate students was close.  Congratulations to Annie H. for winning the competition followed by Brandon L. (first runner up) and Gurleen D.  (second runner up).  Edriel  B. did very well for his age and came in fourth place followed by Joe W.  Fantastic job, boys and girls!  We appreciate Mr. Allinger organizing and hosting our two Spelling Bees.

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