Grade 7 Band

After learning their music notes and rhythms, the Grade 7 Band performed their first concert on March 12th in our gym.  We were very impressed with the whole band!  Mr. Melnyk was pleased with their discipling and them pulling it together for the performance.  A group of 8 students were played O Canada beautifully with Jenny and Annie on flutes; Shannon, Luigi, and Carol on clarinets; Chelsea on baritone, Carlos, Joe, and Thomas on trumpets; and Talia on the alto saxaphon.  We also enjoyed hearing solos and duets starting with hearing Talia playing the Hallelujah chorus on the alto saxaphon, Shannon playing Ode to Joy on the clarinet , and Annie playing How to Train Your Dragon on the flute.  In addition, we were treated to hearing Talia and Keira playing Gary Owen on a violin and cello duet.  We are very fortunate that the Surrey School district has supported the fine arts for many years.

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