Arbres des Familles

Ms. Boudreau’s grade one and two students learned about their heritage (family roots) and became more aware of our bigger global community. “The goal was for the students to become more aware of where their families originate and for the class to learn more about different cultures. We are fortunate to have a class of students, which represents many parts of the world,” said Ms. Boudreau.

Each child created a Family Tree project and brought in pictures, special items, and shared special memories from family members.  Ms. Boudreau is so proud of all of her students for doing such a great job with their projects and said, “It was a wonderful experience to see them in front of the class to share and be extremely proud of their projects. Bravo, les amis!”  At the end of the unit, Ms. Boudreau did a presentation about her cultural heritage, and the children had the joy of learning about the Acadians in Nova Scotia.

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