Visit to the Food Bank

Right after the Christmas Break, the grade seven students in division 1 headed to the Surrey Food Bank and found the experience more joyful that they had expected, knowing they can make a difference in their community. They learned how expensive and financially challenging it can be for many families trying to make ends meet.  The saw a map of who uses the Food Bank and realized there are a lot of families throughout Surrey who need a little help to get back on their feet.  The people who use the Food Bank are regular everyday people who might have fallen on hard times because they lost their jobs or need help with newborn babies.  The students learned how expensive diapers are.  The students found the people who worked there, many of whom are volunteers, were very friendly and kind.   “Many of them lit up when they saw our students arrive,” said Ms. Villeneuve. “The students came back feeling good about themselves for giving back to the community without expecting anything else in return,” said Ms. Ali.  Thank you division 1 for your visit to the Food Bank, and thank you everyone who donated to the Food Bank.




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